Principal Tasks

Right from the publication of 'Gorakhapatra' on 1958 BS, the press under the Department of Printing has also been regularly publishing Nepal Gazette since the year 2008 BS. The department is primarily involved in fulfilling different printing requirements of the government. It mainly fulfills the general printing needs of different government ministries and agencies. In addition, it also fulfills security printing needs of the government agencies. Currently, the Department of Printing is in the position to offer the following printing tasks especially the security printing.
General Printing:
  • Nepal Gazette,
  • Publications of Department of Information,
  • Different publications of the National Planning Commission,
  • Several printing materials of different government agencies, calendar, diary and posters,
  • Printing materials of other public institutions
Security Printing:
  • Nepali Citizenship Certificates
  • Visa sticker for the Department of Immigration.
  • Revenue stickers of Internal Revenue Department.
  • Bank Cheques, Bonds, Vouchers and Promissory Notes.
  • Question papers of different government agencies and public corporations.
  • Answer sheets of different educational institutions, SLC etc.
  • Share Certificates.
  • Budget speech and budget related books and documents.
  • Postcard of Postal Service Department,
  • Reports of Constitutional Bodies.
  • Bills for Customs Department.
  • Certificates of educational institutions.
  • License for possession of arms and weapons.
  • Foreign employment permits.
  • Land ownership Certificate.
  • Customs Declaration Form, import and export bills/receipts.
  • Entrance ticket of Sports Councils, National Arbour or Wildlife Camp, Press Pass of Department of Information.
  • Nepal Rastra Bank vouchers, payment orders etc.
  • Miscellaneous security printing of valuable documents and materials of the Nepal Government that needs high level of secrecy and due care.

The Department is planning to develop the infrastructure for full-fledged security printing capacity to make the country self-dependent in printing.